1. A House Divided: USA

    15 Sep 2020
    The words spoken by Abraham Lincoln in 1863 are as true today in 2020 as they were back then….”A house divided can not stand”.  Today, the United States of America is split. Split between science and religion, between politics and doing what’s right, fractured by self interest and fear. The…

  2. On The Road in America

    15 Aug 2020
    America’s history is intertwined with the automobile.  To really know the United States one must drive from end-to-end. To see the open road, with its ubiquitous gas stations, and local diners. There is no more famous road than Route 66 that travels from Chicago to LA.  Countless songs hail the…

  3. Caribbean Bliss

    13 Mar 2020
    Few places in the Caribbean inspire such feelings of bliss as Amanyara - a five star Aman resort in the Turks and Caicos. The hotel’s main design feature:  reflection ponds. The ponds are  designed to create great reflection vistas.  Almost like a window to a welcome soul. The whole resort…

  4. Silent work force

    29 Feb 2020
    Behind the scenes at luxury Caribbean resorts is a  silent work force that toils in early hours and late into evenings.  Building, Cleaning Setting up chairs, always flaming for the tourists. Life on the resort is a  beach bash.   

  5. Women on Wynwood Walls

    01 Feb 2020
     The women painted on Wynwood’s walls are a moveable feast of colors, shapes, and ‘modelos’. Always enticing, revolving, and glowing. Beautiful colors and expressions of the times. 

  6. On The Job Man

    26 Jan 2020
    St. Kitts Island - Order, beauty, and comfort in Caribbean resort living is made possible by hundreds of workers who are on the job man. Silently behind the scenes, they toil from dusk to dawn, creating experiential moments of bliss and refinement. Here are some images of their day and…

  7. Vermont Winter

    18 Jan 2020
    Cold roads , red barns and chill filled morning air.

  8. El Campo

    11 Jan 2020
    The Costa Rica country side continues to amaze.  The Papagayo region is full of beautiful beaches, green mountains, and fertile lands. 

  9. Buy Sex

    22 Dec 2019
    Public Message Gone Wrong Is this an advertisement or warning?  Getting on the Miami Metro Mover, I see from the corner of my eye, “Buy Sex, Be Exposed.” In Miami, sex sells, so I initially think, “Wow this must be some crazy new social media service.  Now you can get…

  10. To Build or Not to Build

    20 Dec 2019
    To build or not to build, that is the question.  Like most things in France these days, things have got heated.  Within hours of the famous cathedrals first cinders, came forth millions of Euros for reconstruction. Chief architect Philippe Villeneuve must now decide amidst a fury of french opinions -…

  11. Blinded by Her Selfie Moment

    06 Dec 2019
    Woman (?) taking a selfie Art Miami 2019 - Woman at art show taking a selfie.  She strikes a pose, then another, then again. She is actively involved in capturing herself.  Some see her “in action” and observe curiously but most people do NOT see “Lady Selfie”.They but pass unconsciously…

  12. Child’s ‘s View

    01 Dec 2019
    Moments when we were children.  Sitting on Santa Clause, getting a big hug from dad, holding hands in a crowded mall, or just going for a ride on the handle bars of a bike. 

  13. Calle Ocho (8)

    29 Nov 2019
    Cale Ocho in Miami sings with Latin sounds, cuban cigars, and really good coffee. As you walk the streets of this historic community, you are greeted by old guayabera men playing dominoes, storefront cigar salesmen piping dreams, and lots of rooster photographing tourists seeking Cuban food and cheer. The walls…

  14. Books

    24 Nov 2019
    People reading in cafes, along the seine, on the streets. The reading culture from books is alive and well in France. I was amazing to see even a homeless man with a large collection of literature. 

  15. Yellow Vests

    20 Nov 2019
    The French protest group “Des Gilets Jaunes,” or the “Yellow Vests,” have lowered Paris to its knees for more than a year by burning cars, smashing in store-fronts, defacing national symbols, and clashing with police.  December is expected to be the worst National stoppage in France’s recent history. So disappointing…

  16. Bike,Bikes,Bikes

    17 Nov 2019
    The city of Amsterdam has more bikes than people., well at least it feels that way. If you have ever had the opportunity to walk the streets in Amsterdam you quickly realize the bike rules the day, sidewalk, street, and anywhere else that the two wheel wonders can roll.  It’s…

  17. Paris Foto 2019

    15 Nov 2019
    Paris Foto. Paris Foto. Paris Foto. So many images under the palatial roof of Le Grande Palais. Merci Paris!  

  18. Empty Chairs

    26 Oct 2019
    Empty Chairs, Some of all sorts and sizes.  Of all colors and shapes. Of all countries and cities. For many to use or just a few. For moments of quiet or great big gatherings. From cement to oceanfront views.  Empty chairs, all of potentiality. 

  19. LA Billboards

    20 Oct 2019
    The city of Los Angeles is filled with billboards. They soar above head, far greater in size than any human being. Big messages of movies, shows, and other media. 

  20. Before Super Models

    14 Aug 2019
    In the 1950’s the word super model had yet to be invented. Women were expected to get married, have children, and work at home. My Mother, Darlene Jaman, was anything but ordinary. Darlene started modeling at 16 and never looked back. Her life in photos tells of places and a…

  21. Bahamian Happy

    13 Aug 2019
    The Bahamas is full of warm water, tall palm trees, and great music…however the people and their chill attitude is what always strikes me as extraordinary. The pace may be slow but the smiles are always endearing. So much to learn from those that make paradise their home.     

  22. Miami Swim Week

    13 Jul 2019
    This year SwimWeek Miami brought it all out.  Showcasing the latest beach fashions at Cabana. Like to see the innovations in swimwear like the bathing suits made from recycled plastic! Makes so much sense as our clothing keep getting more and more stretchy, why not just make them out of…

  23. Selfies Society

    03 Jul 2019
    The Selfies Society is out of control. Billions of pictures are framed, posed, retaken, evaluated, retaken, cropped, edited and posted on a daily basis.  We have become a society of photographers, models, critics, producers, and directors…round and round we go… all after that elusive great photograph that can be shared…until…

  24. Caribbean- Bahamas

    29 Jun 2019
    Drink Shack The colors in the Caribbean are stark and in your face.The rich blue  sky and crystalline ocean water make for amazing backgrounds. I really enjoy shooting palm trees. Its always seems that when there is a palm tree, beautiful weather and people follow. By far my number #1…

  25. Women Alone

    28 Jun 2019
    Wynwood bar At the Wynwood Cafe and noticed the light shining on a women sitting alone at the bar…she never moved, never spoke to anyone, just sat there.  Maybe over I was over reading it, but she did not look like she wanted to be here. I probably should have…

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