1. Kevin

    08 Dec 2017
    Kevin Berlin is being “given the bird” by one of his sculptures.   Not unusual as year after year, Kevin keeps getting married to infamous fictional women.  Top hat and loin cloth mandatory.  https://www.kevinberlin.com 

  2. Blog

    07 Dec 2017
    Having my Warhol moment.  

  3. Boxes

    07 Oct 2017
    Hurricane Maria made landfall on September 20th, 2017 with winds of 175 mph, causing tremendous devastation and destruction to the island. The impact is estimated between 80 billion dollars and over 3,000 deaths for the 3.5 million US Citizens - Puerto Ricans. In Miami, help immediately started coming in with…

  4. Irma & Maria

    07 Oct 2017
    Pa’Lante Sometimes we get so frustrated that we feel like taking off our cloths and screaming. In NYC you will always find a handful of people who do just that.  

  5. South Beach Skin

    01 Sep 2017
    Dancer The stare Caberet South Beach is know for its party atmosphere and vacation spirit. True to its reputation. I enjoy walking the streets and seeing all the different type of people having fun. The freedom of people on vacation is refreshing. 

  6. Men in Plastic

    12 Apr 2017
    Men in plastic. Something funny about a human who voluntarily wraps himself.  Niagra Falls, NY UM Football

  7. Vintage Vinyl

    12 Apr 2016
    Tower Records Growing up during the great vinyl period was about buying records, reading the covers, receiving the occasional free poster that came inside. Tower records on Sunset Blvd. was our favorite record store. We would spend hours walking around and holding up records to make funny faces. 

  8. This is Santurce

    12 Mar 2016
    This is Santurce, Puerto Rico. It is a city in disrepair. This work is about how values in Santurce are a reflection of its infrastructure…poor.  Poor not so much in the money, but in loss of hope and faith… People have stopped caring about others, about the streets, about future…

  9. Watching Art

    05 Dec 2015
    Watching people at Art Basel in Miami - watching art,  is perhaps more enjoyable that looking at the art itself. It starts with how people dress for art shows. There are several typical style buckets: the “all black” creative look, the tennis shoe chick look, the match with the paintings…

  10. Lost Hope

    14 Sep 2012
    The “Lost Hope” series is a collection of women in graffiti, street art, and Taíno markings from deteriorating urban walls of Santurce. This work is a portrayal of Puerto Rico’s “walking wounded”  etched in the desolation of abandoned urban buildings.  These engraved images are unlike any found in the streets…

  11. Le Bonheur

    20 May 2010
    Sometimes the shine on a persons face and a great smile can make the photograph come alive. 

  12. Skip

    05 Jun 2003
    Skip Yoga Break The shoot Water For many years Skip Font worked as our team’s movie director, producer, writer, grip, and sometimes model. Always a great time being on the set with Skip in the creation of many real estate lifestyle films.  

  13. San Juan Doorways

    22 Jun 1994
    Old San Juan dates back to the 1400’s. The doorways are large are great backdrops for dramatic compositions. 

  14. First Selfie 1991

    07 Jun 1991
    This was my first camera and taking pictures was quite an accomplishment by today’s standards. Incidentally, for those of you who have only known digital, I have placed all outdated terms  in “quotes”…to be googled later.   I used this camera from about 1981 to about 1989. My go-to camera the…

  15. Sometimes Great Shit Happens

    05 Jul 1990
    There are sometimes photographs you make happen and others that occur by accident. This is the case of the latter. In fact, I was not really even trying to take a picture. We had just gotten off the tour bus in front of the great pyramids and everybody started to…

  16. How it all started

    04 Jun 1990
    My interest in photography and reflections in particular, dates back to the my first trip to Venice when I was 15 years old.  Growing up in a film family, my father always talked about great light, composition, and taking pictures that were unique to a particular local. When we arrived…

  17. High-School

    25 May 1990
    First Self Portrait The First Self-Portrait Idyllwild, California. 1981. Black and White on metallic paper. Learned about photography in high school thanks to some great professors. Although I enjoyed the time in the solitude, gone are the days of dark room etiquette, developing film, and using those smelly chemicals. 

  18. The Early Years

    08 Feb 1990
    Early childhood images before memory formed. 

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