On the Water

Boats big and small rushing out to sea as the lines between water and sky blur into a cacophony of colors at sunset and smells with onlookers at South Point Park watching in scintillating delight. 


Amidst the enchanting embrace of the Miami Beach Halloween Marathon, a mesmerizing tapestry unfolds, where each step along the beach is full of camaraderie and celebration. The rhythmic footfalls resonate in your ears, a symphony of sweat filled heartbeats, echoing the collective pulse of the runners, each note pulsating with an undying spirit. As you traverse the runners path, the sight of countless costumes dazzles like a vivid testament to childhood dreams materialized which fill the air with a touch of whimsical nostalgia.

Peace Shop Closed

In the photographic snapshots from Israel’s landscapes in the year 2010, the visuals serve as a vivid reminder that the hues of conflict still stain the canvas of 2023 and evokes a profound sense of déjà vu, a feeling that, despite the years that have passed, Israel remains ensnared in the same web of conflict.

Deco Abstract

As I leave my camera’s shutter open, the storied architecture of South Beach blur the boundaries between reality and artistry, transcending the realm of mere buildings into something far more profound. The spirit of abstract impressionism has been etched into the very essence of these hotels, with each brushstroke of architectural brilliance imbuing them with a sense of dynamic motion and artistic expression. The result is a sensory feast, an explosion of color and form that invites you to step into a realm where reality and imagination dance in harmonious tandem; they are portals to another dimension, where every visit feels like a journey into a living work of art, a testament to the timeless allure of #MiamiBeach.

Sun-kissed Puerto Rico

Do  you seek solitude in secluded Caribbean coves? or yoga-chic beachfront bars?  Puerto Rico offers a multi-sensory escape that beckons in paradise. Sun-kissed Caribbean shores, like nature’s own masterpiece, stretch out along the golden coastline. The sight of the deep blue waters merging with the sky on the horizon is a visual poem of kite surfing and sand soaked walks.  In the heart of Old San Juan, the architecture  is like a weathered storyteller texturing tales of Spanish conquests and colonial grandeur.  Like a time-traveling ‘Bomba’ dancer, colonial treasures grace cobblestone streets, their pastel facades reminiscent of a tropical ’trinitaria’ in full bloom. 

A Fertile Embrace

 In the enchanting California’s landscape, cerulean waters embrace the coastline’s curves while undulating emerald hills bask in the essence of organic vineyards; a spectacular performance crafting a symphony of flavors tantalizing to both the palate and eye in a fertile embrace.  

A Dance of Devotion

And then, the dance begins. Our limbs sway and our bodies move, guided not by choreography, but by the sacred pulse of the yoga mantras.  In this dance of devotion, time loses its grip, and we find ourselves suspended in the eternal present. The music guides us, and we follow its lead, trusting the flow of existence to carry us where we need to be. @ahanayoga @miami @designdistrict 

Morning Rituals

A magical transformation unfolds each morning as the first rays of sunlight grace the horizon of Miami Beach.  Along the sandy shores, a community of early risers gathers, by bike, foot, and swim, each drawn by the allure of the sun’s awakening embrace. Yoga mats unfurl, forming a graceful patchwork of poses, as bodies mirror the ebb and flow of the South Beach tides.

Storied Monumental

Embark on a journey to an ageless realm of wonder, where the storied monuments of Washington, DC materialize anew. In this monochromatic tapestry, hues dissolve, unveiling the stark beauty of architectural icons. They rise, uncolored yet resolute, against the canvas of history, adorned with intricate embellishments, bathed in the dramatic dance of light and shadow. In each captured moment, the very spirit of the nation’s soul is unveiled — tracing the echoes of footsteps etched in time and the aspirations of tomorrows stories yet to unfold. #MonochromeDC #CapturedEssence#whitehouse #lincolnmemorial 

New Moon Sounds

 Miami Beach Yoga and Meditation Retreat is a unique fusion of music, movement, and mindfulness—a transformative experience that unites body and soul. Immerse yourself in the hypnotic rhythms of the new moon sounds.  Feel the beats reverberate through the crowd  resonating with collective energy. As the music takes hold, barefoot bodies start to sway and undulate in synchrony with the tantric rhythms. 

Caribbean Escapade

Allow  the poetic allure of the French side of Saint Martin sweep you away on a journey where beauty dances with your senses. Explore the hidden coves, secluded beaches, and naturalist’s escapes of #OrientBayBeach, where turquoise waters embrace soft white sands like an eternal lover’s caress. As you wander through the quaint streets your eyes will feast upon houses draped in bright colors that creates an atmosphere of tranquility, inviting you to lose yourself in the serenity of this coastal haven. At sunset, its dinner at #Java where the Grand Case sky becomes a canvas painted in hues of fiery oranges and purples, casting a spell of enchantment over sun drenched souls. 

Fleeting Moments

Empty glasses scatter like forgotten dreams. They stand as silent witnesses, remnants of joyous moments that have slipped through the fingers of time. Each glass tells a story, a testament to laughter shared, to toasts raised in celebration, and to the fleeting beauty of the passing hours. The echoes of laughter and clinking of glasses still linger in the air, their vibrant energy intermingling with the hushed whispers of memories. Like scattered stars in the night sky, the empty glasses bear the imprints of countless souls who have found solace, connection, and respite within their transparent walls. Each one carries the weight of emotions once brimming, now spent, yet etched forever in the tapestry of time. Amidst the fragments of revelry, there lies a certain beauty in the emptiness. It is a poignant reminder of the transient nature of life’s pleasures, a bittersweet dance between fulfillment and longing. The empty glasses invite reflection, beckoning us to savor the fleeting moments, to appreciate the richness of shared experiences, and to cherish the bonds forged amidst the clinking of crystal and the swirl of spirits.

A Garden of Light and Flowers

In a mesmerizing intersection of art and nature, a sublime masterpiece of digital art transcends the boundaries of conventional beauty.  This kaleidoscope of hues and fragrances floats gracefully through the vast expanse of the heavens, it sets in motion an enchanting symphony of colors and flowers.  Each hue delicately dances with the other, allowing the viewer to harmonize in a breathtaking symphony of contrasts. It is as though the celestial brushstrokes of a divine digital artist have come alive, creating an ephemeral masterpiece that lingers in the memory like a sweet melody. With every inhalation, a symphony of aromas unfolds, transporting the soul to a place where time stands still, and the essence of beauty transcends mortal boundaries.


 I invite you on a sensory journey through a collection that not only captures the natural wonders but also embraces the profound human connections found amidst its island beauty.  “Lush” unveils the Caribbean’s wonders, from pristine beaches to lush rainforests. Each photograph reveals the vibrant colors and textures that define this paradise. Witness the interplay of light and shadow, the dance of hues, and the ever-changing canvas of nature’s masterpieces that transport you to a realm where beauty knows no bounds. 

Humble Homes

Behold, a captivating tableau of humble homes unfolds, painting the Caribbean landscape with vibrant strokes of sunlit beauty. These modest abodes, bathed in the caress of tropical rays, become whispers of serene tales amidst azure seas and gilded shores. Each dwelling, a testament to the harmonious blend of nature’s palette, stands as an artful masterpiece in its own right. Like a symphony of visual poetry, these dwellings radiate a magnetic charm, drawing weary wanderers into their tranquil embrace. From cozy cottages nestled amidst swaying palm trees to rain drenched shacks perched the water’s edge, each structure weaves a tale of island  life.  As sunlight dances upon their facades, these Caribbean homes become a sanctuary where dreams soar and memories etch themselves upon the canvas of the soul. In their warmth and simplicity, they offer respite to those seeking solace, beckoning with open arms to all who yearn for peace. For within these Caribbean dwellings lies a refuge where weary hearts find reprieve, where tranquility intertwines with the allure of the islands, and where the essence of tropical bliss becomes a cherished reality.

Slender Barked Legs

In the sun-kissed realm, where tropical dreams take flight, palm trees stand tall, their crowns adorned with crew cuts, slender barked legs cropped to meet the azure skies.  These majestic tress become a symphony of nature’s grace, their wobbly bends a testament to resilience.  Their presence transcends the boundaries of the physical realm, reflected in the windows that mirror their magnificence, painted on walls that pay homage to their grandeur, and casting a luminous glow over the cool water pools that mirror their elegance. These arboreal wonders become the guardians of the sun-drenched shores, casting a canopy of shade and serenity for those seeking refuge from the fiery embrace of the day.  With their enduring beauty, palm trees become ambassadors of the idyllic coastal paradise, evoking images of sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and the gentle caress of the ocean breeze. Their presence is a constant reminder of the boundless wonders that await, a symbol of the allure and tranquility that permeate this tropical realm. May their slender trunks and lush crowns ignite our spirits, as we immerse ourselves in their splendor, embracing the essence of a paradise where palm trees reign supreme.

Vida Urbana

In the heart of San Juan, amidst the urban tapestry, where faded colors blend with streets in need of repair, lies a hidden world where passion and love unfurl. Though worn by time, its allure is not diminished, for in every weathered facade, a story is cherished. Vida Urbana, a symphony of faded hues, invites you to gaze, to truly see and feel its muse. Amidst the cracked cobblestones and weathered walls, a vibrant spirit pulses, revealing its cherished halls. Here, colors may have faded, yet their echoes remain, whispering tales of resilience through life’s weathering strain. The streets may yearn for repair, but within their cracks, sprout seeds of creativity, resilience, and endless tracks. Oh, the treasures one discovers when simply taking time, to linger, to stare, and let the city’s secrets truly shine. For in these faded facades, a vibrant pulse persists, a testament to the resilience of a city that insists. Passion and love, the beating heart of this urban embrace, breathe life into every corner, every neglected space. So, open your eyes and let your gaze wander free, in San Juan’s Vida Urbana, where beauty finds its decree. “Así es la Vida Urbana en San Juan, con su encanto único y su gente sin par, donde los colores desgastados no ocultan, la esencia puertorriqueña que siempre perdura.”

The Cayman Curation

In the Cayman Islands, a curation of beauty unfolds, where stunning people, sublime weather, and opulence take hold. An island that dares to blend order and affluence, creating a tapestry of audacity and elegance. But is this reality or a curated dream, ephemeral in nature? A paradise crafted meticulously, like a work of art in stature. Wealth flows through its veins, weaving a mesmerizing tale, where the boundaries of possibility seem to softly exhale. Gleaming shores embrace turquoise waters with grace, while sun-kissed souls bask in the island’s embrace. The order and organization, a testament to precision, as if the very air carries a scent of curated vision. Yet amidst the splendor, one wonders if truth prevails, beyond the curated facade, what untold stories entail? Can this island’s allure withstand the test of time, or is it merely a fleeting dream, a momentary chime? But perhaps it is both, a dance between reality and reverie, where the curated and the genuine blend effortlessly. The Cayman curation, a realm where dreams may thrive, a fusion of beauty, weather, and wealth, keeping hopes alive.

Just Say “Wah Gwaan” Jamaica

Jamaica, a land of enchantment, beckons with its lush landscapes, captivating melodies, and a rich history rooted in the days of slave plantations. The vibrant beauty of the island, adorned with emerald hills and cascading waterfalls, offers a feast for the senses. Nature’s splendor creates a backdrop that evokes pure delight and serves as a constant reminder of the island’s abundant treasures.

The rhythmic beats and soulful tunes of reggae music permeate the air, carrying messages of love, unity, and compassion. It is an anthem that stirs the soul and invites all to sway in harmony with its infectious rhythm. With each note, Jamaicans celebrate their culture and embrace a profound sense of togetherness. Through a simple phrase like “Wah Gwaan,” they extend friendly greetings, fostering connections and checking in with one another creating an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie that is uniquely their own.

Vie L’Ven

In Vie L’Ven, the spirit of Sint Maarten thrives. It is a place where the French and Dutch cultures intertwine, creating a unique tapestry of traditions and flavors. This vibrant blend reflects in every aspect of life, from the diverse cuisine to the colorful festivals that fill the calendar. The island’s enchanting beaches, kissed by turquoise waters, invite visitors to indulge in moments of serenity and relaxation, embracing the sheer beauty of nature.

Beyond the scenic landscapes and cultural richness, Sint Maarten celebrates the art of enjoying life’s simplest joys. It is about cherishing shared moments with loved ones, savoring exquisite flavors, and immersing oneself in the island’s warm hospitality. Whether it’s strolling through vibrant markets, partaking in lively conversations, or simply basking in the gentle sea breeze, Sint Maarten offers an invitation to slow down and appreciate the beauty found in everyday existence.

Just Circles

Behold, a gallery of circles, nature’s perfect shape, where patterns intertwine, a symphony of curves to partake. In each image, a story unfolds, a glimpse of harmony, as roundness dances, captivating the eye with its serenity. A radiant light bulb, a celestial sphere of golden light, paints the sky with hues of warmth, casting away the night.  Scuba tanks or been kegs abound, expanding in circular grace, a mesmerizing dance that nature effortlessly embraces. Each concentric circle echoes a momentary touch, a testament to the interconnectedness that means so much. Circles and patterns, round and complete, a visual poetry that nature so elegantly repeats. In their gentle curves and mesmerizing symmetry, we find a glimpse of perfection, an eternal harmony.


Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián, lovingly known as “Sanse,” marks the unofficial culmination of the world’s longest holiday season. This multi-day extravaganza transforms the streets of Old San Juan into a vibrant tapestry of live music, dancing, and unbridled joie de vivre.

As the festivities unfold, the city comes alive with a contagious energy that permeates every street corner. The air is filled with the infectious rhythms of salsa, bomba, and plena, inviting locals and visitors alike to sway to the beats. Colorful decorations adorn the buildings, creating a festive ambiance that reflects the collective spirit of revelry. Sanse is a celebration of Puerto Rican culture, a showcase of the island’s rich heritage and artistic prowess. From traditional music performances to street parades featuring elaborate costumes and masks, the festivities pay homage to the island’s vibrant traditions. This joyous gathering embodies the spirit of community and togetherness. Families, friends, and strangers come together to share in the merriment, creating lasting memories and forging new connections. The Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián is a testament to the indomitable spirit of Puerto Rico, a celebration that transcends boundaries and embraces the essence of life’s pleasures.

Southern Gals in Panes

In the captivating city of New Orleans, Southern belles grace the window panes, walls, and facades, adding charm and elegance to its vibrant streets.  These Southern gals, frozen in time, tell tales of a bygone era, whispering stories of tradition and resilience. Their painted visages, delicate and poised, reflect the grace and beauty associated with the Southern culture. With their parasols and lace-trimmed dresses, they exude a sense of a touch of mystery. These adorned windows are not mere decorations;  each one tells a unique story, a piece of the tapestry that makes New Orleans an enchanting blend of cultures, traditions, and narratives.

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