1. Miami Tags

    07 Dec 2021
    Wynwood walls gets ready for #ArtBasel2021. Many of the walls are hidden in dark alleys, closed garages, and old warehouse not meant for the tourist consumer of graffiti art. Finding these gems is half the fun and adventure. Watching the murals change make for great theater.  

  2. Art Basel Miami

    06 Dec 2021
    Art Basel Miami 2021 - Is it about the people or the art?  For me it is a blur of both as the color and art merge together. A blending of the static with live movement as thousands of people interact with art; it’s all about colors and shapes that…

  3. A Mirror To The Past

    25 Nov 2021
    St. Augustin, Florida, is one of America’s oldest cities and its homes a reflection of times past. The light in the morning bounces off the water’s edge and creates magnificent mirror. 

  4. Sonoma’s Sensibilities

    25 Nov 2021
    Sonoma wine country:  a land that is growing or dying due to climate change.  As the climate get hotter, the grapes are getting smaller and skins thicker. Vineyards are struggling to keep our wine coming and many are moving up North to Canada in hopes of insuring future harvests. 

  5. I _ N.Y.C.

    09 Nov 2021
    New York City. You either love it or hate the large, loud, omnipresence of advertising and lights. Images are spewed throughout the city and transform the buildings into live moveable events. 

  6. Rise San Juan Rise

    01 Oct 2021
    Rise Puerto Rico Rise. The old city awakes anew with joggers, merchants, and few straggling partiers leaving La Perla with the orange rising sun. 

  7. Pride Parade Miami

    19 Sep 2021
    The Pride Parade is back in @MiamiBeachNews! Great morning on Ocean Drive supporting our #LGBTQ community. So proud to be part of a city that loves and accepts everyone for who they are. #MiamiBeachPride

  8. Fences that Protect?

    07 Sep 2021
    Fences. They protect and also keep us apart. Here are some images where fences are the protagonist. 

  9. On Golden Pond

    24 Aug 2021
    A walk around a golden pond with light, reflections, and colors of yellow.  

  10. R.A.D.

    24 Aug 2021
    Asheville’s River Arts District (RAD) in North Carolina and other old industrial zones, small towns, and empty warehouses have blossomed into a convergence of art, creativity, commerce, and entertainment. 

  11. Lincoln Memorial

    07 Aug 2021
    Considered too radical in 1858,  Abraham Lincoln Lincoln delivered his now famous  speech, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” These words strike home to the peril of the times, both then and now. 

  12. Pride Month

    26 Jul 2021
    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Pride Month is currently celebrated each year in the month of June to honor the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan. The Stonewall Uprising was a tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States. Here are some images from the Washington…

  13. Atlanta Walls

    02 Jun 2021
    The walls of Atlanta tell a story of empowerment, unity, strength, and survival. She can run the world, be the hero, and get it done. 

  14. Mejico Lindo

    08 May 2021
    Mexico lingo with all its colors, passions, and drama is about taking risks, living on the edge and  when life gives you cactus,  “cantas y  no llores”. 

  15. Above Water

    24 Apr 2021
    To live or not to live above water; along the edge of land and sea. Rich or poor. 

  16. Sargassum

    23 Apr 2021
    Sargassum - A  floating mass of seaweed stretching from West Africa to the Gulf of Mexico. The seaweed has inundated beaches, causing an environmental nuisance, an  algal explosion that is now a new normal.  Deforestation and fertilizer are driving the growth but for those individuals that must clean it, an…

  17. Panama City

    18 Apr 2021
    Panama City People- an urban melange of vibrant colors, flavors and sounds. 

  18. Beach People

    03 Apr 2021
    Puerto Vallarta Saint Martin Venice Beach Maho Sunset Miami Beach San Diego Fort Lauderdale Miami Beach Hollywood, Fl Niki Beach Miami Beach Ocean Park Hollywood, Fl St. Kitts Ocean Park, PR Turks and Caicos Sint Maarten To arrive sur la plage, a bastion of soft scrumptious sand before water’s edge.  

  19. Urban San Juan

    03 Apr 2021
    The streets of Calle Serra speak in spite of the Covid pandemic closure.

  20. Mis Raices

    03 Apr 2021
    A stroll through El Paseo de la Princesa built in 1853 leads to the Raices Fountain. “Raices” or roots, depicts goddesses of Taíno, European and African descent and offers a beautiful promenade to mingle with the racial and ethnic roots of the Puerto Rican people. 

  21. Estamos Ready?

    20 Mar 2021
    Piñones -  the island of Puerto Rico comes back to life after more than a year of the Covid pandemic. The morning-after hangover of a good party  is everywhere.   Commercialism in streets, signs, flags, graffiti, and trash. Progress?    

  22. Caribbean Snapshot

    06 Mar 2021
    Some images of Marigot on the French side of St. Martin. This Caribbean snapshot during the Covid19 pandemic tells a story of resiliency, emptiness, and survival. 

  23. Caribbean Chaude

    06 Mar 2021
    Caribbean Chaude scintillates  St. Martin walls. Dance, music, joy, love, work, pain… vibrate to the sounds of Caribbean life. Merci a tout les grandes artistes.  Hommage to Hotel Hommage in St. Martin, Marigot. These  images are all captured from the wall in front.   _ _ _ _ :) #HommageHotel #artistes…

  24. Silent Port

    25 Nov 2020
    As COVID19 ravages the Caribbean, the island of St. Maarten like many others struggles to stay afloat. Much of life is locked down, shuttered, and closed for the season. 

  25. Messages from the Street.

    10 Oct 2020
    The streets of Miami are painted with passion, pain, division and love. Images abound of the COVID 19 Pandemic; concerns about health care, the economy, racism, gun control, women’s rights (human) , the environment, and supreme court justice…a great confluence of issues..what will the street decide?

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