1. Paris Cafes

    28 Jun 2019
    Lovers I have always been fascinated by the cafes in Paris. Paris cafes are small microcosms of the country. They are controlled by a well organized team of French waiters. It seems that the Cafe traditions have been around for hundreds of years.  Some of my favorites are: the food…

  2. Paris Protests (Vintage)

    28 Jun 2019
    “If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast”, E. Hemingway.  Some vintage photographs of Paris in the 1980’s. 

  3. Nature

    28 Jun 2019
    Beaches, Woods, and Deserts - Nature has always had a major impact on my work and soul. If you ever have lived in the presences of great environment you can not help but be filled with a sense of peace and serenity. 

  4. Attitude

    03 Jun 2019
    Coco Beach It is always refreshing to see those who toil for long hours under the hot sun while maintaining a great attitude and disposition. 

  5. Reconstructing Venus

    01 Jun 2019
     Wandering through the endless art at Art Basel in Miami…I was amongst a herd of people, a number of women, some aimlessly taking selfies some fixated on the abstract impressionist art. Squinting, I began to imagine the merging of both paintings and women into single, semi-abstract image.  I placed my…

  6. Irony

    09 Mar 2019
    South Beach Sometimes the message and the messenger are the same thing!

  7. St. Barths

    10 Feb 2019
    St. Barths is know as an island for the rich and famous.  Bright colors, elegantly dressed people, and flowing champagne at Nikki Beach.  

  8. Urban Art- Femmes

    05 Feb 2019
    From the streets of Wynwood, SanJuan, Los Angeles, or Paris, great works urban art (graffiti, tags, or whatever you’d like to call it),  can be found across any modern city’s streets.  Urban women in particular stand out in different shapes, colors and sizes. 

  9. California Gold Rush

    02 Jan 2019
    A few buildings remain of those great California gold rush days. Traveling in Monterey you can see old industrial buildings that have been preserved. Yeah! 

  10. A Priceless Look

    31 Dec 2018
    The look on the distinguished gentlemen’s face is priceless. Is he indignant that the lady does not want to speak to him or does he in fact wish to avoid the cold by burrowing in her coat.  Yosemite, California

  11. The Most Famous Couple

    09 Dec 2018
    Walking in Show UBS Lounge Art Basel This couple is ever present at Art Basel Miami. Two men very well dressed in fine women’s apparel. Always holding hands. 

  12. People on The Move

    19 Sep 2018
    Always great to see people on the move with determination and focus. Sometimes we move slow by foot or fast bike… but what ultimately matters is that we arrive.  Mono Bi Gondola Trolley Boat and Bike Horse Board

  13. Regis

    09 Jul 2018
    Avignon Team Play Summer Festivals Regis Lejonc is a well know French artist and great humanitarian. He and his fellow artists spent the summer drawing and entertaining for economical disadvantages children in small villages across Provence.  

  14. La Sidra

    05 Jul 2018
    Asturias Waiter Sidra is poured in Spain at arms length without looking at the glass or as the locals call it, “escanciar la sidra,”. It is a great tradition that involves great skill and the need for a fresh pair of socks (after you repeatedly spill it on your shoes).…

  15. Arles Photography

    01 Jul 2018
    Every Year thousands of people descend upon the small town of Arles in the south of France to enjoy some of the best photography in the world.  This photograph reminds me of the famous “Whistler’s Mother” painting… you think? 

  16. #meToo

    09 May 2018
    You are not alone. The #metoo movement.  Certainly a revolution of the times. Millions of women standing up for their rights. No longer Alone. Indignant no longer. Words turned into action. Human rights moved forward.  You are not alone. Join the the Movement  Support survivors and end sexual violence. https://metoomvmt.org/about/#history

  17. About Resiliency

    14 Dec 2017
    RESILIENCY This Resiliency collection is my first work since moving from Puerto Rico to the mainland United States.  Resiliency is defined as one’s ability to recover or maintain balance.  In my work, I have photographed the city of Miami as it is reflected in the water.  As the buildings’ reflections…

  18. Kevin

    08 Dec 2017
    Kevin Berlin is being “given the bird” by one of his sculptures.   Not unusual as year after year, Kevin keeps getting married to infamous fictional women.  Top hat and loin cloth mandatory.  https://www.kevinberlin.com 

  19. Blog

    07 Dec 2017
    Having my Warhol moment.  

  20. Boxes

    07 Oct 2017
    Hurricane Maria made landfall on September 20th, 2017 with winds of 175 mph, causing tremendous devastation and destruction to the island. The impact is estimated between 80 billion dollars and over 3,000 deaths for the 3.5 million US Citizens - Puerto Ricans. In Miami, help immediately started coming in with…

  21. Irma & Maria

    07 Oct 2017
    Pa’Lante Sometimes we get so frustrated that we feel like taking off our cloths and screaming. In NYC you will always find a handful of people who do just that.  

  22. South Beach Skin

    01 Sep 2017
    Dancer The stare Caberet South Beach is know for its party atmosphere and vacation spirit. True to its reputation. I enjoy walking the streets and seeing all the different type of people having fun. The freedom of people on vacation is refreshing. 

  23. Men in Plastic

    12 Apr 2017
    Men in plastic. Something funny about a human who voluntarily wraps himself.  Niagra Falls, NY UM Football

  24. Vintage Vinyl

    12 Apr 2016
    Tower Records Growing up during the great vinyl period was about buying records, reading the covers, receiving the occasional free poster that came inside. Tower records on Sunset Blvd. was our favorite record store. We would spend hours walking around and holding up records to make funny faces. 

  25. This is Santurce

    12 Mar 2016
    This is Santurce, Puerto Rico. It is a city in disrepair. This work is about how values in Santurce are a reflection of its infrastructure…poor.  Poor not so much in the money, but in loss of hope and faith… People have stopped caring about others, about the streets, about future…

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