Just Lines

In the realm of lines, order and structure unfold, Straight paths connecting points, a story yet untold. They stretch with purpose, from one point to another, Creating a sense of direction, leading us further. Rows of lines form patterns, a visual symphony, Aligned with precision, a tapestry for the eye to see. In their simple nature, they bring clarity and definition, Guiding our gaze, creating a sense of composition. Lines embody a sense of order, a visual harmony, From neatly lined trees to rows of pink Bahamas boat mornings. They signify progress, a journey with a destination, Drawing our focus, instilling a sense of anticipation. In their simplicity, lines offer a sense of stability, Transforming chaos into a symphony of precision. So, observe the lines that traverse our surroundings, In their straightness, a story of order resounding. From roads to railways, bridges to horizons vast, Lines guide us forward, connecting us together.

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