1. Southern Gals in Panes

    30 Dec 2022
    Southern gals in window panes, walls, and other facades adorn the city of New Orleans. 

  2. New Year in Nawlins

    29 Dec 2022
    New Orleans, commonly pronounced “Nawlins” is about the coming together of disparate sounds, tastes and cultures…combed beautifully together into one holistic melody of sound  - otherwise known as jazz. 

  3. Boricua Urbano

    10 Dec 2022
    Boricua urbano is about grit, color, power and color. See the city speak its own language of pain and love and listen to the dark hidden messages from walls and shadows. 

  4. Art Fashion Fusion

    09 Dec 2022
    Art Basel in Miami - a sea of fashion and art creating a new fusion of colors and shapes for a 2022 digital reality. 

  5. Colors of San Juan

    16 Oct 2022
    Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. A rich heritage of colors, patters and stark designs dating back to the 1400’s. 

  6. Flying Away

    15 Oct 2022
    Flying away at @Ahana this weekend with Jonah Kest. 

  7. Kishrico Kirtan

    09 Oct 2022
     Kirtan is about the coming together of people, sankirtana chants sung in call-and-response style full of energy, love and spiritual people.  @ahanayoga

  8. Les Femmes Aux Fenêtres

    08 Oct 2022
    Women in windows, walls, and storefronts in Paris adorn the city of love at every corner. 

  9. J’aime Mon Velo

    23 Sep 2022
    Small country roads, farms, and little villages in France as seen through my bike’s eye.  I love my velo and the intimacy it provides with people, the French countryside and historic architecture. My bike brings me close to the ground and with every turn is anew smell, sound, and thought…

  10. Paris People

    21 Sep 2022
    Paris people in all shapes and sizes. From young to old, chic to gourmand, rich and poor…all with a unique “je ne sais quo.” 

  11. Bori Skate Gallery

    30 Jul 2022
    A Bori skate gallery is made into art from abandoned concrete pillars in a cemetery of debris. 

  12. Harbored

    18 Jul 2022
    Harbored in LA with ropes, nets, and lots of knots. 

  13. California in Dreams

    16 Jul 2022
    California in dreams  is about the blue water, sky-high palms that scrape the sun, sand, and beautiful people in motion. 

  14. Du Bar

    13 Jun 2022
    The walls of Sint Maarten bars are painted in bright colors with images of Caribbean cheer and one love. 

  15. Sunset at Simpson Bay

    13 Jun 2022
    Bodies, shapes, outlines and silouettes as the sun sets at Simpson Bay.  

  16. Guerreras de Quintana Roo

    10 May 2022
    Graffitti from Quintana Roo shows Guerreras or Warriors fighting evil spirits, climate change, and cultural assimilation.

  17. To Jai (pronounced Jay)!

    08 May 2022
    Rise up this morning,  Smiled with the rising sun ,  Singing sweet songs  Of melodies pure and true Singing don’t worry about a thing,  Cause every little thing gonna be all right,  Singing don’t worry about a thing Cause every little thing gonna be all right

  18. San Juan Urban

    01 May 2022
    San Juan’s urban core is vibrant with life and new messaging. 

  19. El Morro

    30 Apr 2022
    Old San Juan’s famous fort still stands after hundreds of years. 

  20. Abstract Aventura

    26 Feb 2022
    A day in the life in the Mall as people blur with branded retail experiences curated by meticulously planned light, shapes, and sounds. 

  21. La Bandera

    26 Feb 2022
    In 1952 Puerto Rico got is flag or bandera. It has been omnipresent ever since. The Puerto Rican flag can be seen painted on walls, shirts, buildings, on almost anything. 

  22. Caribbean Colors

    24 Feb 2022
    Sint Maarten is back and the island’s colors and life have returned. 

  23. Miami Beach Noir

    02 Feb 2022
    Miami Beach in the early morning is calm and quiet. The old art-deco buildings lie half awake with the colorful neon signs shinning bright from an evening of festive activities. 

  24. Solitude

    22 Jan 2022
    Solitude. Sometimes we are alone when we are apart from others, and other times our souls bustle in harmony with something greater than ourselves. 

  25. Burlington Raw

    16 Jan 2022
    Burlington Vermont a land of brick, wood, and dated manufacturing plants. In its simplicity is its charm, in its fine lines an ease to the eye, in its stark collection of patterns a cold sensibility. 

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